Modelling assessment days and modelling platforms, waste your time and take your money

We have become increasingly aware of new models starting out and wannabe models visiting 'model portfolio studios "that advertise heavily on Google. In our experience, the services provided by these companies do nothing other than provide a very expensive make-over album which has NO real use and no professional top 10 model agency in the UK will add them to its website. In some cases young girls are paying between 900 to 2000..which is Outrageous. These studios Do Not Provide an Upfront Price, But only tell you after it with Aggressive sales tactics to persuade new models to buy the photographs.

The Sun news paper pointed this out in 2007 & 2009 & the BBC "RIP OF BRITAIN" Episode 4 , Series 4 , 2013. This was also pointed out by the BBC programme 'The One Show' 2013 June see link below

This was also pointed out my the Mirror news paper of a company charging "want to be models" 3000 a shoot with out telling them the price before arriving. see below link:

As an agency we feel that this is Shocking. It's shocking that "You"are Not Told the Total Price Before You go to the Shoot. Why? Because if you knew the price you would not go to it that's why. Make-over studios only job is to sell you photographs and they're very good at it; it's their job to get you to pay for worthless shots.

A Portfolio Can Never Be Built Up in One Shoot, it Never has been or ever will Be. A real portfolio is built up over time, and will contain many looks, ideas and concepts which will help a model agency pitch the model to a range of clients. One photographer and a few outfit changes achieves very little. If you watch "Britain's Next Top Model" you will see the winner has 12 photographs from 12 shoots by 12 different photographers and makeup artists with 12 different backgrounds in her book.

A common misconception within the general public is that new models shouldn't pay for photo-shoots. This is an unrealistic demand, as the people working with you are experienced professionals, who spend time before, during and after the shoot to produce the photographs and they deserve to earn a living just like everyone else. Some large agencies may scout a model and offer test shoots, but these costs are usually taken from future earnings. Mission Models has arranged access to published photographers looking to test new and experienced models and if signed to us, our models get completely free shoots and free photographs to build their books, experience and confidence and to allow us to promote and develop their career. In this case less is most definitely more, without an outrageous bill at the end of it.

You can see above the standard of shoots we can provide you with during our Test Shoots and if you wish to book a test shoot of the above standard at an industry standard rate, please contact us here